a. What is a passport?

Mandatory international form of identification required for showing a person’s nationality.

 bWhat if I don’t have a passport?

Passport is must for studying abroad. Additionally, it is also required to secure the date of all the internationally recognized Aptitude as well as Language Tests. So, it is strongly advisable to obtain a passport beforehand.

 cHow long does it take to obtain a passport?

In case of Nepal, obtaining passport is directly linked to the amount you pay. Higher the amount you pay, lesser the time it takes for your passport to be ready.

The amount and days are as follows:

  1. In 3 days: 10000
  2. In 2 days: Nrs. 12000
  • In 1 day: Nrs. 15000

For further details go to the official page of Nepal Passport


d. What is a visa and will I need one?

A visa is a stamp or other notation placed in your passport that will allow you to enter and temporarily reside in your host country during your program. A visa is required for all year and semester programs and for many of the summer programs.

e. How to apply for visas?

Visas are obtained through the Consular Offices of a country’s Embassy. While the most of the Embassies are located in Kathmandu itself, there are some countries, for example, Poland, whose Visa needs to be processed from New Delhi, capital city of India.

f. Are there any Visa Fees applicable?

Yes. The visa fees are applicable for every country but the amount differs from one country to another. So, please check the official website of the respective country to find out the exact visa amount.