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Experience Letter

An experience letter is written on behalf of an employee. It helps confirm the time the employee was associated with the company and attests his skills, intelligence and work habits. The experience certificate is one of the very important documents that helps secure a new job or bridge the education GAP. An experience certificate should be just about one paragraph long and not an entire page long like the reference letter format.

 How to Write an Experience Certificate

When you begin an experience certificate, you should:

  • Type the date at the top right corner.

  • Skip a line and write, ‘To Whom It May Concern’.

  • Salutation.

  • Write for an ex-employee and state their full name.

  • Write about the capacity in which the person worked for the organization and give the person’s exact job title.

  • Give the period the person worked for you and provide the exact dates.

  • Describe the character, work habit and resourcefulness of the person.

Choose your words carefully and show positivity regarding your knowledge about the person.

  • Closing sentence.

  • End the experience certificate with ‘I wish him every success in life’ or ‘He’ll be successful at any endeavor he embarks upon’.

  • The letter should be closed with ‘regards’ or ‘sincerely’ and your name typed underneath, followed by the title you hold.