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Intercraft Educational Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. was established with clear motive to provide quality service to students whose endeavor is to earn qualification from overseas. We have successfully placed multiple students in different destinations around the world.

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English Proficiency courses are designed to improve the student’s four primary linguistic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The courses focus on allowing students to achieve English comprehension and production fluency at a pace that is both comfortable yet challenging.

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Do you need to prepare for a major English language test like the IELTS or TOEFL and major aptitude and admission tests like SAT or GRE or GMAT? Here’s the information you need along with links to practice pages and the official sites with registration and test information.

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We also assist our clients who are interested to settle in Australia, New Zealand and Canada with Permanent Residency. Our expert counselors can guide you through initial to final process of being a Permanent Resident of different countries.

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With a vision of ensuring the quality of education in Nepal, the education providers have been updating their syllabus and the method of teaching the student and preparing a good professional in future.We provide Science and Management Bridge Course

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Available day and night, just a phone call away and with amazing response and delivery time you just cannot go wrong with our services.



We will take care of your future endevaour and take the load off you.

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Admissions open for new session

Admissions open for new session

  • May 15, 2018
  • by intercraft
  • No Comments

Thinking about studying in India? Don’t delay. Admissions for new academic session have started in India. We have range of colleges and universities to choose from and they are affordable too. So, don’t miss the opportunity and contact us for…



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